Mammoth Mountain's "shaky past" is tonight's talk at Green Church

Dr. Brandon Browne from the Dept. of Geological Sciences, CSU Fullerton, will present a lecture on Mammoth Mountain's "shaky past" tonight at the Green Church, located at the corner of Benton Crossing Road and U.S.395.

The presentation will provide an overview of the geologic evolution of Mammoth Mountain volcano, and how it relates to other volcanic features in the region, like Devils Postpile, Long Valley Caldera, and the Mono-Inyo volcanic chain. It will describe how, and over what timescales, magmas from Mammoth Mountain formed, ascended through the crust, and eventually erupted at the surface.

New and ongoing volcanic hazards research will look at the impact of possible future eruptions from Mammoth Mountain.

Lectures are free and open to the public

The talks last about one hour

We start on time at 7:00. Please come before 7 so as not to interrupt the speaker

For more information call 760 935-4356