Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol hosts Patrol Olympics

Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol hosted the third annual California Ski Patrol Olympics this past week at Mammoth’s Main Lodge. On Wednesday and Thursday,  ski patrols from Squaw Valley, June Mountain and Mammoth Mountain competed for the regional bragging rights by competing in competitions covering many skill sets ski patrol professionals use in the execution of their job duties. 

The Randonee Race started things off the first day of the competition. The race started at Chair 11, up to the top of the Paranoids via White Bark Bowl and down Scottie’s to the Chair 11 finish. The first place men’s finisher was MMSP’s Matt Irons with second place to Squaw Valley’s Zebulon Blais. First place women’s finisher was Robin McElroy of Squaw Valley.

In the Bomb Toss event, the top performer (in distance reaching 150 feet) was David Glidden of Mammoth Mountain. 

In the accuracy competition (bull’s eye at 75 feet) was Kirk Maes of June Mountain with a direct hit—with skis on, in the wind—with a 2.2-pound simulated hand charge (quite a feat!).

At the Avalanche Dog Search event, Erik Knudson with Boon from Squaw Valley took the win, with Sean Macedonio and King from Mammoth Mountain as the runners up.

The last event for Wednesday was the All Mountain GS, with the fastest time posted by Corey Denton of Mammoth Mountain, winning the race by eight seconds. Right behind him was was West Vane of Mammoth Mountain. 

The first place women’s finisher was Robin McElroy SV, followed by Kelly Miller of June Mountain.

Day two brought participants to the Avalanche Transceiver competition with Neil Satterfield of June Mountain finding three buried beacons in 2 minutes and 25 seconds. Eric Diem of June Mountain came in at a close second at 2:37. The women’s top finishers were Robin McElroy SV at 2:47, and Coryl Dolfin MMSP at 3:01.

Along the same lines, Erik Knudson SV came in first during the Recco Search with a double burial competition coming in at just 55 seconds. Second place went to Kirk Maes JM at 1:27. Robin McElroy SV took first place, edging past Kelly Miller JM by just one second.

In the complicated Toboggan Race (involving not only GS gates, but picking up a patient too) first place went to Mammoth Mountain’s team consisting of Jason Torlano, Jeff Fox, and Ryan Copenhagen. Second place went to the team consisting of Corey Denton, Mitch Dreese, and Scott Donaghey, MMSP. The women’s winners were June Mountain’s team of Kelly Miller, K. Maes, and E. Diem, followed by Coryl Dolfin, Amy Grahek, and Mandy Fels.

The last event of the day was the (just for fun) Bamboo Toss from a moving chair at various targets. Winners were Zebulon Blais and Robin McElroy, both of Squaw Valley.

In the overall standings, the men’s winners included Corey Denton MMSP in first, Zebulon Blais SVSP in second, and Neil Satterfeild JMSP in third.

For the women: Robin McElroy SVSP in first, Kelly Miller JMSP in second, and Coryl Dolfin MMSP in third.

In terms of overall finishes: Mammoth Mountain took first, followed by Squaw Valley and June Mountain, respectively.

The event was put on with the help of the following sponsors: Alpha Explosives, Clif Bar, Edge Rescue, FallLine, Mammut, Mountain Uniforms, Patagonia, and Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.