As a local, I feel ripped off


Kudos to Michael Raimondo and Matt Lehman for being the only responsible council members who voted to impose the penalties and interest in regards to a home being illegally rented out nightly. 

As a local, I feel ripped off. 

For the other council members who voted to allow the owners Kevin and Carolynn Cozen to not have to pay on the penalties and interest, when they fully knew and basically admitted they were renting their home illegally, should resign.

Times are tough, especially for this town. Why would the other three town council members set a precedence of not collecting what is due?

Clearly Rick Wood has a conflict of interest—he represents owners who try to dodge TOT, and therefore should have abstained from voting.

It is this type of action that will continue to hinder the recovery of the town of Mammoth Lakes.

If the Cozen’s feel mugged, I feel raped.

Shawn Wilders

Mammoth Lakes