Local climber in hospital after stroke

Local climber and June Lake resident Doug Nidever is in a Reno hospital after suffering a stroke and possible heart attack last week, according to a climbing partner, Bruce Bartlett.

Bartlett said Nidever, also known as "Flanders" by his climbing community, was awake and responsive, but is in serious condition. Nidever can speak, but still is battling blood clots and other complications.

Bartlett was headed to Reno to visit Nidever, with another climbing partner.

Nidever was apparently found unresponsive on the floor of his home on Jan. 28 by a room mate and was rushed to the hospital, then transferred to Reno. He had apparently been there for some time, since the early morning, when he was preparing coffee, before he was found in the later part of the afternoon, according to Bartlett. Bartlett said when Nidever did not show up for a planned event that morning, friends assumed he had slept in.

A climbing website, supertopo.com, is awash with information and conversations about Nidever, whom Bartlett described simply as "one of the best."

Hundreds of posts from Nidever's friends and family are keeping the climbing community updated on Nidever's progress:

Here's an example of a post:

"I saw Doug's plow truck sitting and the rink covered with snow yesterday morning on my way to ski and thought; I bet the keys are in that thing. If it's still sitting there in a couple of hours, I'm gonna go for it. By the time I got done playing in snow, thinking of Doug the whole time, a party had gotten together and was out on Gull Lake clearing the rink with Doug's truck. So cool, I love my small towns"

There is an account set up to help Nidever with possible long term costs at Union Bank in Mammoth.

For checks, put the account number 3720028580 in the “Pay to the Order of” line and “Nidever Benefit” in the Memo line. Drop checks off directly at the bank, or mail them to Union Bank, PO Box 2729, Mammoth.

More information on Nidever will follow when available or check the supertopo.com website for detailed daily information about Nidever's progress.