Recently, I needed immediate medical attention. My visit to Mammoth Hospital’s emergency room, created by an abscessed tooth infection, and a touch of pneumonia, was mandatory.

After careful scrutiny, some retracted comments from myself, and an accurate diagnosis, I came to a conclusion.

The staff at Mammoth’s facility won my gratitude, and my heart. To see the emergency room’s pageant of “needy,” busted up folks I love, helped, in an organized fashion, rendered me quite appreciative. You employees “rock!”
Michael K. Mahoney
Mammoth Lakes

This letter [which was sent to the town] is to inform you and the Town of Mammoth Lakes that I will no longer be working for the Town as the Community Courts tennis professional.

I have truly enjoyed my 15 year run as the local pro, but I have been offered, and have accepted, a growing opportunity as the director of tennis at Snowcreek Athletic Club.

I wish to thank all the employees of the Town that have made the years of employment so enjoyable, Stephanie Daniel and John Connelly in particular. I hope that we can continue to work together to make sure tennis is a sport that remains a draw to both visitors and locals to our destination resort.

I also wish to thank the many tennis players who have participated in the Town of Mammoth Lakes Parks and Recreation tennis program for these past 15 years. It has been a great pleasure to teach and play with this fun-loving group of players who have joined us at the Community Courts. I hope I will see them again at Snowcreek.

The programs I developed and honed at the Community Courts will continue at Snowcreek Athletic Club in a similar format. Gail Lonne will join me as my Social Director and will be offering match making and the very popular Saturday Morning Socials beginning in May. The two tournaments, the Summer Solstice and the Labor Day Doubles, will now also be headquartered at Snowcreek. Gail and I hope that all our tennis players, visitors and locals, will join together to make this the best tennis summer ever.
Russ Chessler, Director of Tennis, Snowcreek Athletic Club

Congratulations and thank you to all the coaches of the Mono County Spelling Bee: Sandra O’Hara, Judy Burgenbauch, Suzanne Scholl, Julia Silliker, Darcy Lent, Christina Vandermaas, Brianna Brown, Christy Jennings and Katie Vanko. These coaches give extra time practicing with their team members prior to competition. Their commitment to our students is commendable and appreciated.

Many thanks to our volunteer judges: Jan Carr, Byng Hunt and Bill Michael. Thanks to Judy Farnetti for her work as pronouncer, Rhea Kerby & Debie Schnadt for their help during the event. Appreciation also goes to Principal Roger Yost and his staff at Lee Vining Elementary School for hosting this great event.
Stacey Adler
Mono County Superintendent of Schools

There is no test of society more important than its treatment of children, our most precious resource. Our children are our future leaders, and all residents of Mono County have a compelling interest in the health, well-being and development of our future business people, professionals, public servants, workers, neighbors, friends and loved ones.

The statistics of child abuse are staggering. Each day in the U.S., more than three children die as a result of child abuse in the home, and most who die are under the age of six. Nationally, more than three million reports of child abuse are made every year, and locally, year-to-date, Wild Iris has experienced a sharp increase in child abuse reports compared to the same time frame for last year. Sadly, many cases of abuse go unreported, despite the importance of children to our families, our community and our future.

During the month of April, Wild Iris is engaging in a variety of media events designed to bring awareness to the epidemic of child abuse, and to inform and educate the public about how to recognize the signs of abuse and how to report it.

We trust that all residents of Mono County believe that child abuse is an important social issue, and as such, we are asking that everyone renew their commitment to preventing child abuse by partnering with local government, local agencies, community leaders, schools and our religious and civic institutions to promote early recognition and reporting of child abuse.

It is our hope that through these efforts, we, as a community are better able to address the issue of child abuse prevention, and to provide the support and protection that the children of our community deserve.
If you suspect child abuse, please call the National Child Abuse Hotline (800) 4-A-Child, or the local Child Protective Services office, (760) 924-1770 in Mono County or (760) 872-1727 in Inyo County. You just might save a life.
Susi Bains
Wild Iris