Let’s not live in fear


I am writing to respond to the article on the cover of the Dec.21 edition titled “Atmospheric river” pattern threatens to flood California.”

I can understand the impact which occurred in December 1861 and the devastation it must of had. However things aren’t exactly the same as 1861.

All the major rivers in southern California are hundreds of feet wide and deep, lined with concrete.

Although these waterways do nothing to recharge the groundwater, they do efficiently channel the water to the ocean. Hundreds of millions have been spent on flood control, dams, etc.

Would there be some problems? Of course.

But I think we as a country and state have progressed since then to be able to face whatever nature dishes out, not that we have a choice.

I am very tired of the gloom, fear, and loathing we are constantly bombarded with.

All hurricanes are named and now, even snowstorms. From the end of the Mayan calendar with world ending fears, fiscal cliffs to fall off, gun violence, and a fading economy.

Now we are faced with something that two “widely respected scientists” think could happen again.

Aren’t there other things to thrive on than fear and disaster?

How about something positive like the “holidays” we just observed.

For those who still observe the birth of Jesus, we can still take great comfort in this. The “prince of peace?” What a concept.

Maybe what our great country needs is to get back to our common beliefs and to take great comfort in them instead of always living in some sort of fear.

As I look out the window and watch it snow, I am not fearful, I am humbled and awestruck.

What a beautiful world we are fortunate to live in!

We cannot control it, or forecast what disaster is overdue, so let’s thank our Maker, whomever you think this may be, for what we have, and look forward to a New Year. 

Tim Hansen

Lee Vining