Last Call! This is Likely the Last Weekend for Fall Colors

Staff Writer

It is looking like this weekend might be the last chance for viewing fall colors around Mammoth Lakes, according to Mammoth Lakes and Mono County tourism officials. For the best colors this week, they would recommend heading to Convict Lake, Lee Vining Canyon and the June Lake Loop, where you'll still find some gorgeous, golden groves of trees.

Mono Country Tourism described the local region this week as "peak to past peak" with "lots of color to still be found, with the majority of destinations rapidly approaching past peak."

Enjoy the last few remaining vibrant fall colors this weekend.

Peak / Past Peak (100%)
Convict Lake has some of the best color in our region right now. For a family friendly fall color adventure, head out for a beautiful stroll around the lake. Don't forget your fishing pole!

Peak / Past Peak (100%)
There are still a few groves of beautiful gold leaves in the June Lake Loop. This weekend we would recommend driving the loop southbound in the afternoon for best light / viewing options.

Peak / Past Peak! (100%)
The lower sections of Lee Vining Canyon are filled with spots of peaking fall color. Be on the lookout for hidden groves of fully gold trees down near Mono Lake, or enjoy a stroll along the hiking path from the town of Lee Vining to the Mono Lake Visitor Center.