Lakes Basin bear shot and killed

Mammoth Lakes police shot and killed the infamous marauding Lakes Basin bear on Tuesday afternoon, ending a saga that put Falls Tract residents under siege.

The bear was responsible for at least 19 cabin break-ins, the MLPD said in a news release.

The bear, a "light colored, three-year-old female," was busted while she was actively breaking into cabins, the police said.

With wildlife specialist Steve Searles on hand, police killed the bear after one of the residents produced a "depredation permit" from the California Department of Fish and Game. The permit authorized the action and officials from the DFG and the U.S. Forest Service approved the MLPD to act as the depredation permitee’s agent

When police arrived on the scene and positively identified the bear as the same one named on the permit, the animal was put down.