Just Life: Bad breeders and stupid parents


 Why is it that people have to take a tst to drive a car and absolutely anyone can become a parent? Teachers spend hours and hours learning the best ways to teach our kids how make a positive difference in our world yet some of the parents of the kids they teach have no right to be raising children in the first place. 

As I was browsing the Internet deciding what my topic was going to be for this week’s column, I came across a news piece which literally had me in tears by the time I finished watching these stupid, stupid parents.

On Yahoo Shine, there was a video showing the silent footage from a Laundromats security camera. At first nothing seems amiss but then a father, if you can call him that, picks up a small child and shoves him head first into a front-loading washer, and shuts the door. The article on Shine goes on to say that the father and the mom seem amused at first, but panic quickly sets in when they realize that they can’t get the washer door open. It’s locked automatically, and the child is trapped inside as the washer starts to run. 

I watched as the child tumbled helplessly, trapped in the machine, water pouring in, while the parents struggled with the locked door and then went to search for help. Finally, an attendant runs over and disables the machine. It takes a few more seconds to get the door open and the child out.

Are you kidding me?!?! Lucky for the stupid parents who put their child in the washing machine that Yahoo Shine did not release their names or the name of the Laundromat. What if it wasn’t even their child? What if they were babysitting a sibling’s child?  How are they going to explain that to the other family members who are wondering how the little person got all those bruises and bumps? Idiots.

No one really knows if the New Jersey “Tanning Mom” really took her daughter into the tanning booth with her because several stories have surfaced and all have contradictions. However, the story remains that the little redheaded 5-year-old daughter did get sunburn from somewhere. Even if it was not in mommy’s tanning booth, parents should know better. Natural born redheads have a history of being sensitive to the sun. Keep your daughter out of the harmful sun, mom! Idiot. 

And then there is the disgusting mother from Upland, Neb., who apparently was so broke that she decided to sell her two daughters—ages 7 and 14—for sex, so she could pay her bills. When I read the story of what the mother did to her two daughters, I wanted to throw up. She has damaged her daughters for life. 

I am not by far the perfect parent (like my mother was) but what happened to common sense when it comes to some of the things that parents do to their kids? It’s become such a national and probably international problem that there is actually a website called BadBreeders.com. It is run by Trench Reynolds who has this to say about his site: “…this blog chronicles the worst in what some call parenting. In my opinion the people in these stories don’t deserve to be called parents, hence the term breeders, because it seems they just breed children and do not raise them properly.”

I’m happy to say that most of the parents I know personally are amazing. I also want to say that if you see a parent acting badly toward a child and in a way that harm may come to that child ... call 911!  

And if you are reading this and you are here in the Eastern Sierra, call Wild Iris. There is absolutely no excuse for child abuse of any kind.

Stacey Powells is a local writer and radio host. She hosts the Exhausted Parent Network Radio Show every Thursday night at 6 p.m. on KMMT. She can be reached at stacey@exhaustedparent.com. For more of her work, visit www.exhaustedparent.com. Her column reflects her own views and not necessarily those of the Mammoth Times.