Jolley Autopsy Results Due; Gilman Conscious, Will Be Questioned

Wendilyn Grasseschi
Times Reporter

More details are emerging regarding the fatal shooting June 6 at a Mammoth residence that left a Mammoth man, Malcolm Jolley, dead and his roommate, another Mammoth man, Samuel Coner Gilman, now conscious, after being in a medically-induced coma for most of a week due to gunshot wounds.

The shooting appears to have been triggered by some kind of physical fight between Jolley and Gilman (see below). The two had been roommates for only about three days when the fatal shooting occurred, Mono County District Attorney Tim Kendall said.

An autopsy on Jolley, who was pronounced dead on June 6 after law enforcement entered the Jolley home at 343 Hillside Drive that evening, was expected to be completed Wednesday, June 13.

Gilman, who is the only surviving eyewitness to the incident and is still in a Reno hospital, will likely be interviewed soon, Kendall said.

“As of (Tuesday), another surgery was performed and the slug/bullet was finally removed from Mr. Gilman,” Kendall said. “He remains stable and is now conscious. Our hope is that we get to speak to him in the next couple of days. We will then send some of the evidence that was collected out to be tested so that we can understand and help confirm what we have been told, and what we think we know occurred,” he said. “We will match that with the autopsy results and can then evaluate and see if additional investigation needs to be done.”

Getting back the results and completing the investigation could take a few more months, he said.

No changes had been filed at press time and neither man had a criminal record, he said.

The first call about the incident was made the morning of June 6 when someone contacted law enforcement after hearing the sound of gunshots coming from the Hillside Drive area. When law enforcement arrived, they found Gilman injured and sitting on the porch of the Jolley residence, according to Kendall.

Gilman told police that he had shot Jolley, after Jolley shot him in the stomach.

"Upon arrival...(Gilman, age 34) stated that he was shot in the stomach by his roommate," Kendall said in a news release. "(He) stated that a struggle ensued, and he was able to get the firearm away from his roommate, Malcolm Gregg Jolley, age 60, and returned fire, believing that he killed him."

As police secured the scene, a forensic team from the FBI arrived in Mammoth the afternoon and evening of June 6 to assist the DA’s office and the Mammoth Lakes Police Department in processing the scene, Kendall said.

In the meantime, Gilman was flown to a Reno hospital.

The gunshot wounds that caused Jolley’s death and injured Gilman all came from a .45 caliber weapon, Kendall said.

“A .45 caliber handgun, along with shell casings, was located in the residence once law enforcement entered the home on June 6,” he said.

“There were eight shell casings recovered. We know one went into Mr. Gilman. It is undetermined until (the) autopsy but we think three went into Mr. Jolley and the rest into furniture and walls.”

Although the Federal Bureau of Investigation was called in to start the investigation into the shooting right after police arrived on scene, the FBI’s findings have now been turned over to Kendall, he said.

Processing the ‘forensics’ from the case will take some time; hence the outcome of the investigation is still a few months out, he said.

“Labs do the best they can to get things tested within a reasonable time frame,” he said. “An autopsy will be performed on Mr. Jolley... That will help us definitively determine what he was shot with, the direction of the path, potentially the distance he was shot from are a few things that it will show. We will match that to the preliminary story we got from Mr. Gilman to see if it matches. Shell casings and actual bullets that are pulled from both individuals will be tested to determine if only one gun was used.

“Along with some of the other evidence that was collected, it helps us determine what may have happened along with an eventual formal statement we get from Mr. Gilman,” he said.

This is a developing story and the Times will continue to update it as new information is available.