Jimmy Morning lights up Village Championships

As Village Championship races go, last Tuesday’s race seemed to be as normal as normal can be, aside from various off-the-wall costumes.

And then Jimmy Morning appeared.

One of Mammoth’s iconic skiers and coaches, Morning was injured in a Super G crash two weeks earlier, earning him a hospital stay and a couple of weeks in bed.

Morning didn’t race in Tuesday’s dual Giant Slalom on Fascination, but his appearance made the beautiful racing conditions and bright sunshine even more radiant, and warmed up the Happy Hour party at Rafters.

As for the race itself, Bob Tanner, Kelly Duff and Michael Braun placed 1-2-3 in the Legend A; Walt Wehesener, Roy Murray and Bill Graddy placed 1-2-3 in the Legend B.

On the women’s side, Valerie Porges, Lucy Ainge and Netana Hotimsky placed 1-2-3, and Isabel Connolly won the snowboard race.

Also, the teams divided into two groups: elite and recreational. The Miramar Dinosaurs, Vintage Masters, and Andie’s Flying Circus are all in the elite division. The top three teams in the recreational division are Sparkle Motion, FROGs, and Fossil Fuel.

Next week’s race will be a dual Slalom on Fascination, with Happy Hour at the Clocktower.

Also, coming right up is another Vintage Race, this time on a Sunday, Feb. 27, and open to all. Prizes will be handed out for the best costume, fastest male and female skier/snowboarder on the oldest equipment.

If anyone has any questions about this race, visit the Race Department on the Mammoth Mountain web site.