It does not appear that change is forthcoming


Everyone had high hopes when three new supervisors were voted in last year. 

It was obvious by the final vote tallies that people were ready for some change. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the change is forthcoming. 

The current Mono County Board of Supervisors appears to have decision constipation as it’s April already and very little has been accomplished—some of which are very questionable.

For example, take a look at what’s happening with the finance director position that was vacated by Brian Muir. 

Mono County has just been unburdened by the mass exodus of the last batch of carpetbaggers, but apparently no lessons were learned. 

Until recently in Mono County, the Tax Collector was a separate department, as was the Auditor’s Office.

Board members announced they had made an offer to an applicant from Inyo County. The applicant was an elected Auditor in Inyo County, and most likely has the requisite experience in that area, but not in the other duties of a finance director. 

There were internal applicants that were fully qualified, but did not get the nod.  Maybe in two years when they get to try again they’ll get it right. 

Based on their track record, probably not.

Meanwhile, most of the county’s top management positions remain vacant, which may not be a bad thing, but few decisions are being made, and little to no advancement from within of qualified personnel are occurring. 

So as a taxpayer here in Mono County, you should expect reduced services and status quo.

What about the June Mountain situation?  In the past, Tim Alpers had the reputation of getting things done in his district, and he claims to be great friends with Rusty Gregory, but MMSA continues to abuse the June Lake community. 

At the community meeting last week MMSA did not offer anything; no solutions, no promises, no answers. 

Well, there were a few answers, but their favorite was, “We don’t know.” MMSA officials said they don’t even know how many days a week JMSA will be open, though they glossed over this fact in their email blitz to season pass holders urging them to pony up for another year and stating that JMSA would be open.

Three days a week is open, right? 

Why is this board not holding MMSA’s feet to the fire for the sake of this community and the county?

Rusty badly wants the land exchange, and that is the Board’s best bargaining chip, as normally these exchanges do not occur without local political support.  Alpers had stated that the land exchange was on the back burner, and then shortly thereafter MMSA announced that the land exchange bill had been reintroduced.  Back burner my ass. If Alpers and Darth Rusty are so close, why was Alpers surprised by the bill reintroduction?

Our request to the board of supervisors is to take some imodium, make some decisions, and get some things done. Stop being such politicians.   And make your decisions for the right reasons, and things will work out. 

It is okay to make mistakes, people will forgive if the decision was made for the right reason. 

Please quit hiring carpetbaggers. We need some good, qualified folks that will stick around and be a part of the community. 

Elizabeth Boyd

Crowley Lake