Holler, Council close to Permanent Town Manager decision

The Mammoth Town Council is poised to offer Interim Town Manager Dan Holler permanent status, so long as they agree on the terms by which he would be fired.

“I want us to be in position where we can have a contract that benefits the community as well as the individual entering into the contract,” said Council Member Jo Bacon, “specifically in some of the areas about giving us stability, but not tying us into egregious severance pay and things like that that we've had to deal with in the past.”

Bacon, who made her remarks at the Town Council meeting on Feb. 5, was referring to the payouts the town made to Dave Wilbrecht, who negotiated a severance package worth nine months of salary, and to Marianna Marysheva-Martinez, who negotiated a 30-day severance package payout.

In Wilbrecht’s case, the payout for him to leave was $149,290, according to town records. In Marysheva-Martinez’s case, the total worked out to $16,800.

Mayor Rick Wood, working with Town Attorney Andrew Morris, began the negotiations with Holler this past week, setting up a probable vote during the council’s regular meeting on Wednesday evening, Feb. 19.

Though the exact figures of a contract have not been released, Holler has a track record suggesting the terms of his jumping aboard the ship would not be a problem.

As the Interim Town Manager, Holler agreed to salary that was 24% less than the salary Marysheva-Martinez had.

In the meantime, Holler said he has had enough time in Mammoth to decide this is a right fit for he and his wife.

The feeling is mutual, by all outward appearances.

“I’ve had some discussions with our town attorney what might be appropriate, acceptable terms of a contract that would be offered.”

In moving ahead on Holler’s contract, the town averted spending upwards of $20,000 for a full-scale search that would have been conducted by a professional search team.