Gee, let’s have another committee

This is how government and bureaucracies work:

At Wednesday’s town council meeting, the members considered a proposal that they create a new committee, this one called “The Town Council and Planning Commission Liaison Committee.”

Planning Commission Chair Tony Barrett and Vice Chair Jay Deinken put it before the council.

They argued that the creation of such a committee “can ensure the effective and efficient completion of the Fiscal Year 2010-11 Budget Work Program.”

The planners requested that council members appoint two of themselves to meet monthly “to review progress of the work program and allow early input on potential issues.”

The commission already appointed the Chair (Barrett) and Vice Chair (Deinken) to be on the committee.
After batting the proposal around for a bit, councilman Rick Wood said, “I’m not sure we need another committee.” He then added, “but this one sounds pretty good.”

Councilwoman Jo Bacon also said she might bite on the idea, and that she had a plan for how it might work.

“We could rotate the Mayor and the Mayor Pro-tem,” she said.

Quipped Mayor Skip Harvey, “After July.”

Harvey’s term as Mayor ends July 1.

In the end, the council didn’t do anything, except to push the idea back to one of its March meetings, still leaving it with a pulse.

–George Shirk
Mammoth Times Senior Writer