Flood Watch on for Mammoth Through Wednesday

Staff Writer

The latest forecast summary for the storms the rest of this week according to Howard Sheckter, is for rain, rain and more rain, with a total of about four to five inches of rain in town and eight to ten inches of precipitation on the Sierra crest by the weekend, translating to about six to seven feet of heavy snow on Mammoth Mountain by the end of the week.

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Watch through Feb. 8: http://forecast.weather.gov/showsigwx.php?warnzone=CAZ073&warncounty=CAC...

Here’s a brief summary of the incoming system:
Today, Monday, Feb. 6, the remainder of the Sunday/Monday storm will exit by this evening, after dumping about a foot of snow in town and more on Mammoth Mountain.
Storm #2 begins late tonight and/or very early tomorrow morning, Feb. 7 and it will be all rain through Tuesday and into Tuesday night.
For Storm #3, Wednesday, Feb. 8, the rain will lessen for a while, sticking to mostly showers during the day but then it will begin to rain again Wednesday night and into the day Thursday, lasting into Thursday evening. Storm #4 comes in Thursday evening, Feb. 10 as mostly snow – although not a lot of snow – and lasts into Friday.
Then, a break is expected for the weekend, with the next series of storms possibly arriving next week around Feb. 17 or Feb. 18.