Fesko elected, county supports Obama, Prop. 30

Tim Fesko is Mono County’s District 4 supervisor, after a long runoff battle with candidate Bob Peters.

Fesko took the seat with 53.7 percent of the vote against Peters' 46.3 percent. The vote totals do not include provisional ballots which will be counted this week, but election officials said Wednesday that the several hundred provisional ballots still uncounted are not likely to change the final outcome of the District 4 race, given Fesko's lead.

“I don’t have words,” Fesko said late Tuesday night. “Thank you everyone, thank you. My work is cut out for me, and people are going to be looking at me to see if I keep the promises I made, as they should be.”

North County voters elected two Eastern Sierra Unified School District candidates out of a field of four candidates, but one race may still be too close to call, pending a count of provisional ballots. John Peters from the Bridgeport area narrowly won against candidate Pam Haas-Hart, with 50.16 percent of the vote, or 786 votes, as compared to Haas-Durhart's 49.8 percent and 781 votes.

James “Jimmy” Little from the Lee Vining area took home 60.8 percent of the vote as compared to Arya Degenhardt's 39.2 percent.

Little, speaking late Tuesday night, said he was trying to wrap his head around what would undeniably be some huge challenges to the district.

“The challenge will be the state budget,” he said. “We have some tough planning to deal with that reality."

Mammoth Unified School District voters elected teacher Shana Stapp and current school board member John Stavlo Tuesday night.

The county supported Barack Obama for President, giving him 52.4 percent of the vote, as compared to Mitt Romney’s 44.8 percent.

Dianne Feinstein was re-elected U.S. Senator.

The county chose Paul Cook as its U.S. Representative and Rico Oller as its state Assemblyman.

Proposition 30, which will funnel money to education if passed, won narrowly in the county, with 50.8 percent of the vote. However, provisional votes still have to be counted in Mono County and it is possible that the local outcome for Prop. 30 could change, after that vote is final.

Prop. 30 passed at the state level.

For a full summary of all races and a precinct by precinct vote, go to: www.monocounty.ca.gov/elections.

Here is the preliminary summary of Mono County’s vote on national, state and local races, pending the count of provisional votes and certification of the election results.

President Barack Obama: 2,574

Governor Mitt Romney: 2,202

Mono County District 4 Supervisor:
Tim Fesko: 561

Bob Peters: 484

Eastern Sierra Unified School District Board (two seats available, final vote after provisional votes counted might change the race between Hass-Durhart and Peters, who are separated by five votes):
Jimmy Little: 962
John Peters: 786
Pam Haas-Duhart: 781
Arya Degenhardt: 621

Mammoth Unified School District Board (two seats available):
John Stavlo: 1,386

Shana Stapp: 1,588

Luis Villanueva: 826

30: Yes
31: No
32: Yes
33: No
34: No
35: Yes
36: Yes
37: Yes
38: No
39: Yes
40: Yes

U.S. Senator:
Dianne Feinstein: 2,452

Elizabeth Emken: 2,312

U.S. Representative, 8th District:
Paul Cook: 2,019
Gregg Imus: 1,816

State Assembly (5th District):
Rico Oller: 1,893

Frank Bigelow: 1,731