Ferguson Fire update

Staff Writer

Firefighters had a productive night with tactical firing operations as they made progress toward full suppression on the Ferguson Fire.
Officials reported the fire grew by 2,178 acres overnight and was at 56,659 acres as of 6 p.m. Containment is at 30 percent.
Crews burned south along Wawona Road (Highway 41) from Henness Ridge toward Wawona Campground; and will continue, as conditions allow, until they reach Wawona Campground.
Further south, firefighters mopped up two spot fires from earlier in the day and continued building containment lines around Roundtree Saddle. Once Roundtree Saddle is secure, crews will begin tactical firing toward Chowchilla Mountain and Wawona Campground.
Securing the southeast quadrant of the fire is a priority in keeping the fire from spreading into Yosemite National Park and the populated areas south of the park. These efforts will ensure Ponderosa Basin and surrounding areas are secure as well.
North of the fire crews successfully burned south from Merced Grove to provide further protection for the park’s iconic stand of giant sequoias.
Containment lines around Anderson Valley were widened in anticipation of the burns.
Residents can expect to see increased smoke during the next few days as firing operations continue. Tactical firing is an effective way to reduce fuel loads while simultaneously widening or extending containment lines. It can reduce the duration and intensity of wildfires, particularly by decreasing available fuels and weakening the fire as it approaches containment lines.
During all tactical firing operations on the Ferguson Fire, firefighters and law enforcement maintain a presence in evacuated communities to ensure home and structure safety.