ESUSD seeks mediation solution for sex crimes

A former Marine and Coleville High School assistant football coach who was jailed after sexually molesting at least two Coleville High School girls in December 2009 is out of jail.

According to court case documents, plaintiffs alleged on Dec. 22, 2009, Cody Carlisle, then 25 years old, “sexually molested both minor girls” while he was the assistant football coach at Coleville High School.
Carlisle “consistently and overtly flirted with and sexually harassed students, attended and facilitated underage parties, and ultimately, engaged in acts of sexual intercourse and sodomy with multiple underage students (and he) was able to do so . . . because of his role as assistant football coach at Coleville High School.”

According to Mono County Assistant District Attorney Todd Graham, Carlisle pled guilty to four sex-related felonies and was sentenced to serve 450 days in jail.

A list of complaints by the victims in federal court against Colville High’s Eastern Sierra Unified School District was largely dismissed after a judge found that the illegal activities that Carlisle was later jailed for occurred during Christmas break, that they did not occur on school property, and, because Carlisle was not working under an active contract with the district at the time the incidents occurred.

In the case documents, the plaintiffs alleged that ESUSD “knew or should have known” that inappropriate activities were occurring and that the district was negligent in several ways, including not intervening in the situation and failing to do adequate staff training.

Although the plaintiff’s claims against the district were dismissed, the two victims were given a choice to go to mediation and that process is currently underway, according to the ESUSD’s attorney, Leonard Herr.
“The two girls filed a lawsuit in federal court. It was dismissed,” Herr said. “Then, the board of the Self Insured Schools of California (ESUSD is a member of this group) investigated the issue and we did have a mediation last week. We should have a final settlement at the end of the month.”

He said the mediation efforts occurred because the judge “asked the plaintiffs to come up with one more reason that this was an issue of school conduct.”

Graham said the court ordered Carlisle to “pay fines, register for life as a sex offender, perform 200 hours of community service, abstain from the use or possession of alcohol and not enter premises where alcohol is the primary item of sale, have no contact with the minor victims, not come within 25 yards of any school or playground or park except to drive to his employment, not associate with persons under 18 years of age without another adult present, and abide by any counseling ordered by the probation department.”