Doing what's best for our kids


Thank you for running your recent article “Four candidates aim for two Eastern Sierra Unified board seats.”

I appreciate the information and coverage you’ve provided for voters and communities of the Eastern Sierra Unified School District. We have some important decisions to make regarding the ESUSD Board of Trustees in this election.

As a School Board candidate, I’ve been talking to people from Chalfant to Coleville, and a common theme I’ve heard is a strong desire for better communication between the school district and the communities it serves. I understand this because I’ve experienced the feeling myself. And, as a communications professional, I know it can be done.

There is no question that events of the past few years have caused a high level of distrust between the community, the school district leadership, and the superintendent in particular. Community knowledge, involvement, and opportunities to be heard are critical to mending that trust.

Addressing this issue is my top priority, and the best way of doing the board’s #1 job: to do what’s best for our kids. ESUSD schools are going through major transformations, and with more budget cuts and education policy changes in the near future, we know there are big challenges ahead. 

We need to come together to come up with creative solutions to these challenges in order to make our children’s education as unique and inspiring as the ESUSD communities themselves.

Vibrant schools make vibrant communities, and vibrant schools and communities foster inspired kids. Especially in small communities like ours, when we have inspired kids, everyone’s quality of life is improved.

Arya Degenhardt

Candidate for the Eastern Sierra Unified School District Board of Trustees