Covid-19 and flu likely to collide this fall Getting flu shot is best way to cut “double whammy” risk

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For the upcoming 2020/21 cold and influenza (flu) season, getting a flu vaccine is more important than ever to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community, according to the Mono County Health Department.
Flu viruses and the virus that causes Covid-19 (Coronavirus) will both spread this fall and winter, and the Mono County Public Health office is urging individuals to get vaccinated as the flu vaccine pulls double-duty to not only protect us from the flu, but protect our healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed.
“Mono County residents are urged to get a flu vaccine this year in an effort to proactively place our community in the most optimal position for addressing Covid-19, especially as we anticipate additional tourism this fall and winter” said Dr. Tom Boo, Mono County Public Health Officer. “Working together, we can protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our community.”
Flu vaccines have been shown to reduce the risk of flu illness, hospitalization, and death, he said.
“Similar to wearing a mask, the flu vaccine protects the vaccinated person, as well as the people around them,” he said. “Getting a flu vaccine can also save healthcare resources for the care of patients with Covid-19”
What Will the Flu Vaccine Do?
• Help keep you and your loved ones out of the hospital
• Help save scarce medical resources to care for Covid-19 patients
• Protect frontline healthcare workers who will be caring for people sick with respiratory illnesses this fall and winter
• Reduce the severity of flu for people with chronic health conditions, including lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, neurological conditions, and weakened immune systems
• Decrease the severity of illness in individuals whom get vaccinated, but still get sick.
This year due to COVID-19, flu shots will be available by drive-thru or walk-up options at all clinics for Mono County residents (ages 6 months and older), Boo said.
Flu Clinics are scheduled beginning Monday, Sept. 28. “If you have Medicare, please bring your Medicare card,” he said.

Visit the complete 2020 Fall Flu Vaccine schedule online at: or review the schedule on p. 5 of the Mammoth Times.
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