Council to take hard look at town's government structure

There was a time, back in the boom years, when the Mammoth Lakes town offices were crowded with staffers sizing up every new wrinkle in town.

These are not those years.

On Wednesday, the Town Council will take a look at streamlining town government. Specifically, it will look at a few high-level commissions and ask some tough questions.

The main questions are if some commissions should even exist all, such as the Public Arts Commission. Should the rest reduce meeting schedules on a maximum of once a month? Should certain commissions, such as the Recreation Commission, be reduced in size? And so on.

The council discussion will be in response to a whitepaper report entitled “Direction regarding the membership and formation of the Recreation Commission, Public Arts Commission and the Airport Commission.”

Town Clerk Jamie Gray, Development Director Mark Wardlaw, Public Works Director Ray Jarvis, and Stuart Brown, the town’s Recreation Manager, wrote the whitepaper study and placed it on the agenda.

(Details of the Town Council discussion will appear in the Mammoth Times on Friday morning. It will appear on by early Friday afternoon.)