Copeland has additional duties at MMSA

As if Jack Copeland doesn’t have enough to do on Mammoth Mountain.

In an effort to more effectively train and retain its employees, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area (MMSA) has instituted a new management development initiative, headed by Copeland, the director of human resources at the ski hill.

The program is designed to identify employees with management aptitude and ambition and then properly teach them the fundamentals of leadership and management.

This new initiative will help to mentor, coach and track performance of new managers to help them improve.

Elements of the new initiative will also be applied to experienced managers at MMSA to ensure that they are using proper management techniques.

“In my 32 years with the company, I’ve seen a number of new managers fail despite their best efforts,” said Rusty Gregory, CEO of the resort.

“I feel strongly that we can better prepare employees to handle the responsibility of becoming a supervisor, department head, general manager or senior manager.”

Copeland’s years in human resources, past experience as Director of Mammoth Mountain Ski School and his love of teaching and coaching position him well to tackle this new initiative, the mountain said in a press release.

Copeland will design, implement and manage a variety of programs that will provide the framework for this ambitious undertaking.

Additionally, he is responsible to promulgate new policy that will centralize much of the selection, education and performance review of management that currently resides at the division and department level.

These organizational changes will become effective on Monday.