Boola Boola - Mammoth Times Editorial

Mammoth plays at Bishop tonight in football. That’s about as big as it gets around here. We’re fired up.

The Mammoth/Bishop rivalry has been going on for more than 50 years. Bea Beyer tells us that when she moved from the Bishop schools to Mammoth, she and some students would sleep in the gym to protect their turf from the vandalism that had been going on for years.

There have been effigies hung from freeway overpasses, Clorox poured on a field, toilet papering, etc. It’s been your basic cross-town rivalry, up and down U.S. 395 and we think it’s actually pretty great.

We don’t have Red Sox-Yankees, or Vikings-Packers, or Cal-Stanford. And we acknowledge, along with Huskies Coach Tom Gault (p.10), that it hasn’t been much of a competitive rivalry. In a good rivalry, both teams have to win their share, and Mammoth doesn’t win a whole lot.

Even so, it’s what we have and we love it.

Go Huskies!