Bishop Marchers Show Solidarity with Womens' March on Washington, Jan. 21

Wendilyn Grasseschi
Times Reporter

Almost 600 people walked from the Bishop City Park to City Hall in solidarity with the Womens' March on Washington yesterday, Jan. 21, joining millions of other marchers across the country and the world to speak up for equality, diversity, social justice and to oppose many of the proposed policies and campaign promises of President Donald Trump.
Local organizers said they, like many other march organizer across the country according to news outlets from the cities where the marches were held, expected a fraction of the turnout they actually received.
"We thought maybe 25 to 100 people," said organizer Sean Louth. "This was an amazing turnout."
The marchers were comprised of women, men and children in about earl numbers.
The final count was 580 marchers, according to organizers.
Bishop has an official population of 8,863 in 2013, according to the National Census Bureau, and Inyo County voted for Donald Trump.
June Lake also held a Womens March on Washington solidarity march yesterday; photos and information will be forthcoming as soon as possible.
More than 700 marches in every state in the country and marches in cities and communities on every continent were held yesterday in solidarity with the marchers in Washington; the estimated turnout worldwide was six million people, according to the New York Times.