A bighorn sheep thank you

The fundraiser gala “500 and Rising” was a terrific success, sharing with over 150 guests the remarkable story of the wild sheep in our backyard.

On behalf of the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Foundation I would like to thank the friends from near and far who came to show their enthusiasm for Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, as well as the many people who worked hard to bring about this event.

Sierra bighorn need help now more than ever as we approach the final stages of recovery, and it gives us hope to witness the community coming together in support of this unique animal.

Thanks to all of you, Jane Kim’s Migrating Mural will continue to bring Sierra bighorn into the public eye, capturing the attention of locals and visitors who travel Highway 395. We’re excited to watch her next murals come to life in Bishop this April. 

If you weren’t able to make it to the fundraiser, you can still enjoy the Sierra bighorn photo exhibit, “500 and Rising,” on display at the Mountain Light Gallery until April 30.

We encourage you to support the local photographers who are just as passionate about Sierra bighorn as we are.

Thank you, again! We look forward to building a community of committed advocates for Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep.

John Wehausen

President, Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Foundation