The big tech story in 2012

The biggest news (that no one quite knows what to think about yet) was the groundbreaking of the massive, 500-mile-plus long high-speed digital fiber optics project called Digital 395.

The project, which includes laying the high-speed fiber alongside much of U.S. 395, will link the Eastern Sierra to both Southern California and the Reno/Carson area.

It was funded through a $101 million federal American Reinvestment and Recovery Act project that promises to transform the Eastern Sierra in ways no one can accurately foresee.

“This is the biggest infrastructure project since the Los Angeles Aqueduct,” said Mono County District 2 Supervisor Duane “Hap” Hazard, one of Digital 395’s strongest advocates.

“This project will give you the broadband capacity of the world’s greatest cities and enough of it to last for a decade,” said Praxis Associates CEO Michael Ort, the project’s private-side developer.

But what will that ability mean for the Eastern Sierra?

Will it bring new businesses, new telecommuters, new technologies, new medical technologies, new economies, new research and development opportunities—or will it simply serve as a backup to a connection between the places that already have it all—the Reno/Carson area and Southern California?