Big public meeting on finances set for Tuesday

The Town Council on Wednesday evening got to the down-and-dirty, but apparently the general public had better things to do than discuss town finances.

Maybe it was the NBA Playoffs on TV; maybe it was something else.

Whatever it was, only John Morris of the Mammoth Homeowners Association bothered to show up to hear Marianna Marysheva-Martinez’s breakdown of the town’s budget matters.

Morris’s remarks were short and to the point, and dealt with his opinion that whatever happens next, Mammoth Lakes Tourism should be inviolate.

Marysheva-Martinez’s presentation, scheduled as the last item on the council’s agenda, was to last 30 minutes, and she almost made it by herself. But it was a basically a one-person show, dealing with the town’s options on how to deal with its General Fund.

The presentation was the second of her “Town Budget 101” sessions, designed to let the public know where the wiggle room might be in advance of the $42 million settlement with Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition.

However lackluster Wednesday’s meeting was, the third presentation might be more interesting.

Next Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers, the public once more is invited to attend a finance meeting, this time with nothing more of substance on the agenda.

Attending the Tuesday meeting, she said, will be representatives of the town’s financial consultant group, as will the attorney representing the town in its mediation efforts.