AT&T still out in Chalfant, Benton OK

Despite reports from AT&T that the technical cell service problems were fixed in the Tri-Valley area last week, area county supervisor Hap Hazard said they aren't.

In fact, Chalfant still has no service, at least from the northern border of White Mountain Estates north, he said, although Benton now apparently finally has at least better and more consistent service.

Hammil Valley residents, stuck between Chalfant and Benton, have never had service, although Hazard said should Chalfant finally get its problems fixed, there's a chance the fix might actually patch through service to Hammil for the first time ever.

But first things first.

"They AT&T) told me the problems were fixed, but my constituents are telling me 'No, there has been no improvement in service' (in Chalfant)," he said. "Now, I guess I'll be calling them again and letting them know we still aren't done here."

AT&T was supposed to be out in the field last week working on the service problem, which AT&T stated it believes originates from a cell tower problem in the White Mountains.

On-going cell blackout problems have plagued sections of most of the eastern Mono County communities since the end of November, when Alltel was bought out by AT&T and the service switched over.