An appreciation of a Mammoth snowy Sunday

The snowplows plowed. The tow trucks towed. Police investigators investigated. The skiers skied, the snowboarders rode, the sledders sledded, the snowshoers showeshoed and it was a perfect day.

Last Sunday, it was good to hear the familiar voice of Doug Howell and his snow removal team from Mammoth Firewood come crackling across the scanner. It was like an old shoe.

"Careful coming around that bend, it's a blind corner."

"There's a car parked in the middle of the road!"

"Just about got Canyon cleaned up. Headed to Lakeview."

And on Twitter, from John Urdi, up on the ski hill with his family:

"Holy Blizzard, Batman!"

As the snow fell and the wind died, families took to the sledding slopes. You didn't have to be at the ski area to experience the joy of this. You didn't even have to be human.

Dogs romped in the snow, porpoising and surfing the light manna that miraculously turned familiar worlds into a happy playground.

One family trailing sleds and wearing smiles, went searching for a slope around Eagle Lodge, wading knee deep (adults) and waist deep (kids) through the snow. Others took to that funny little sledding slope at the intersection of Minaret Boulevard and Lake Mary Road.

Meanwhile, over the scanner the CHP and the MLPD reported numerous spinouts and nose-dives into drifts in ditches and boy, were they busy.

"There's a car in the ditch," the dispatcher said. "10-4" said the officer. "I'll handle." There was a two-minute pause. Dispatcher: "They got it out. Don't know how they got it out, but they did."

Other veteran Mammothites used the day to run some errands, knowing the stores would be nearly empty and the lines short. Kathy Johnson was at the Rite Aid, stocking up on some such or another. "I'm going skiing tomorrow," she said with an insider's wink.

In the neighborhoods, people were content enough just to stand outside in the storm, not really doing anything more than appreciating the miracle of it all.

Indoors, there were the soothing sounds (except for Raiders fans) of NFL football in places far below us, and the pop-pop-pop of a gathering fire in the woodstove.

In other places far from us, a snowfall like this might bring dread and paralysis.

For us, no.

It was perfect.