Ant-bullying films to be shown at Mammoth Schools

Bullying in school can make some children’s lives so miserable, they don’t want to even get up in morning, let alone go to school to learn.

It can lead to depression and other serious mental health problems, and even, as a recent string of high-profile suicides across the country, show, the death of young people.

Mammoth Unified School District is hoping to once again step up its anti-bullying efforts, beginning next week with a series of films shown at all the district’s campuses.

The films will be shown:
• Jan. 10 from 6-7 p.m. at Mammoth Elementary School
• Jan 11 from 6-7 p.m. at Mammoth Middle School
• Jan. 12 from 6 -7 p.m. at Mammoth High School.
• The films are free, and will have Spanish subtitles.

They are a series of films created with the direction of well-known anti-bullying advocate Dr. Dan Olweus.

MES Speech-Language therapist Dee DiGioia said all schools have a problem with bullying, including those in Mammoth Unified.

“As the Speech-Language Therapist at Mammoth Elementary School, in our first year of our (anti-bullying) program, I learned that most of the students in our school were affected by bullying, not just those with disabilities or special needs, and all of the children were craving to learn what to do about it,” she said.

DiGioia also asks parents who attend the films to sign up to be part of a committee for “Safe Schools” for the district.

For more information, contact DiGioia at or call her at (760) 934-7545 ext. 304.