A 74-year-old backpacker breaks leg in the backcountry - Search and Rescue haul him out

A 74-year old man from New York was hauled out of the backcountry last weekend after an all-night hike by members of the Mono County Search and Rescue team.

On Friday September 9, the Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue (SAR) Team responded to rescue an injured backpacker near Iceberg Lake, who was reported as having a leg that was "broken from the knee down," and was also possibly going into shock.

The SAR medical team and a support team with a wheeled litter and additional oxygen hiked through the night to the patient's location, while helicopter service was arranged for the morning.

The first team reached the patient at 12:22 on the morning of the 10th. A backpacker from New York, he had fallen an unknown distance and had a number of lacerations and contusions. The team provided care to the patient and stayed with him through the night.

California Highway Patrol Helicopter H40 arrived at 6:50 and transported the patient to Minaret Vista for final transport to Mammoth Hospital by Mono County Paramedics.