‘Mammoth Lakes Recreation’ explains itself to public

Despite nine months of meetings, passage by the Town Council and a month’s worth of scoping, the nascent “Mammoth Lakes Recreation” NGO still has a problem.

That is, most people really don’t know what it is.

“It’s a little tricky,” said Mammoth Mayor Rick Wood, a member of the MLR Formation Committee, which completed its third meeting on Monday, March 17.

Therefore, the eight-member committee decided to embark on a “public outreach” campaign to help people understand just what they have in the non-governmental organization.

“We want to know what it is that they’re looking for, as opposed to saying ‘this is what MLR is going to be,’ and we want to get their input,” said Wood.

First up is a Noon Rotary Club meeting, where Wood said he would try to shed some light and gather some wisdom.

But that is just the start.

There are outfits such as the Town-Mono County Liaison Committee; the Town-Schools Liaison Committee; Mammoth Mountain Ski Area; the Mammoth Lakes Foundation; Friends of the Inyo; along with 17 other entities.

It is not as if the MLR architects have a lot of time.

Under the current schedule, the Town Council would receive the final report on May 21, tweak it, then pass it on June 4.

As Desi might say to Lucy, “there’s a lot of ‘splainin’ to do” in the meantime.

There is, for example, the naming of a Board of Directors; meetings with lawyers to spot any oversights or possible legal snafus; scoping the general duties of the NGO; locking in the funding to get it off the ground; and so on.

Between now and May 21, the committee, chaired by Danna Stroud of the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association and a former recreation department manager, has five more meetings on the schedule.

But that’s just a bare-bones schedule, at best.

On top of that are the “public outreach” sessions, for those who either weren’t paying attention, didn’t care at the time, or who have no obvious stakeholder interests.

“That,” said committee member (and Town Council candidate) Colin Fernie, “will steer the discussion of what it’s going to be.”