Who is Colin Fernie?

Fernie, 30, is a native of Columbus, Ohio, where his father taught childhood education in the graduate school at Ohio State University.


After graduating from college in New York, he found his way to Steamboat, Colorado, where he fell in love with the mountain lifestyle of the west, and came under the wing of Black Tie Ski Rentals.


With the company looking to expand, Fernie traveled to Mammoth and said he was blown away.


“One of my major concerns is that I’d go somewhere and that it wasn’t going to stand up to Steamboat,” he said. “I came here and immediately fell in love with the community.


“The people were so welcoming, it’s stunningly beautiful, and those were a lot of the things I liked about Steamboat. I saw a lot of parallels, I felt immediately that this was a place I wanted to live.”


During the campaign, he took a long-planned, three-week family vacation to Turkey and Valencia, Spain, where he joined his younger brother, Toby, who is living and teaching there. 


Fernie is single but not exactly unattached. Ask his girlfriend.


As for his other interests, among the topmost is his lifelong love affair with Ohio State football.


Like Richardson with USC, the best advice from here is don’t get him started with Buckeye Nation.