In this week's Mammoth Times ...

Greetings from snowy (as of Friday, April 25) Mammoth, where the fishing season is opening, the skiing and snowboarding are great and the runners are celebrating.

It was weird seeing vehicles trailing fishing boats through the snowstorm on Friday and the runneers dodging snowflakes at the track, but it wasn't particularly odd. The old-timers around here routinely tell tales of snow on "Fishmas Day."


In keeping with that, we have a full forecast in this week's paper, although that wasn't the big-Big-BIG news of the week.


That happened 3,000 miles away, in Boston, where Mammoth runner Meb Keflezighi became the first American man in 23 years to win the Boston Marathon. We have full coverage.


Also is this week's paper is plenty of local political news, as candidates jockey for position in the June 3 primary election. This week, we have coverage of a candidates' forum night in Bridgeport, where Sheriff Ralph Obenberger, in his first election since being appointed to the post, duked it out with MLPD's Ingrid Braun in front of a jammed Memorial Hall.


There's an updated bear story on what's up with our furry four-footers, an account of backcountry cross country skiing in Little Lakes Valley and a hilarious, full-faced photograph of a burro, of all things, at Division Creek in the Owens Valley.


All that is there, plus the usual features such as the "What's up, up here?" column, an Our View editorial (about Meb!) and some juicy letters to the editor.


Pick up the paper on newstands now, or at Vons and all the regular spots, and we'll check back in next week, with more news from the most beautiful place on Earth.


—The Editors