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In this week's Mammoth Times

February 6, 2014

The front page of the Feb. 6, 2014, edition of the Mammoth Times.


In this week's Mammoth Times, we examine how the "money pie" was split among the various events producers on the Eastside, as well as a breakdown of fee increases for recreation activities in Mammoth.

Also on the front page is a feature story about Laurel Fiddler, one of our more accomplished cross country skiers, and what she learned from her Olympian mom and super-athlete dad.

Inside the 20-page edtion, which also is available online in PDF format through our E-Edition, is an update on the Fourth of July Crowley Fireworks Show, and a story about the shrinking number of options for child-care in Mammoth.

We have a preview of next Tuesday night's free "Know-How" lectures, and a piece about the father of one of Olympian John Teller's dad, who has had to re-do the front of his service station to accommodate the wishes of the ad-sensitive U.S. Olympic Committee.

That, plus our usual features such as the "Our View" editorial,  are on news racks now for 50 cents a copy. An E-Edition version, in PDF format, is available for the same single-issue paper, along with a subscription offer that includes discount options.

Have a great week, everybody, and we'll touch base again on Feb. 13 with a new edition of the Mammoth Times.
—The Editors 
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