Village Championships season ends on fast note

The Village Championships season, such as it was, ended well this past week, on fast snow in warm temperatures.

The snow conditions and air temperatures this season formed the overall theme of the 2014 VCs, which is among the oldest and most iconic of Mammoth Mountain’s racing schedule.

Course setters on Fascination and Andie’s Double Gold frequently adjusted gate alignments and course configurations to deal with a low-snow season.

Nevertheless, the races went on, and on Tuesday, March 25, it was all about the finish.

The winners in the men’s 60-plus dual elimination were, in order, Jim Southworth, Dan Malonson and Britt Wuest.

In the men’s 50-59 division, the winners were Mike Braun, Dave Melton, Reiny Albrecht, and Jim Stone.

In the men’s 30-49 division, the winners were Matt Liebersbach, West Vane, Eric Smith, and Chris Adams.

In the men’s 18-29 division the winners were Jimmy Whiteley, Zach Ergish, Cameron Snyder, and Wolfie Virostek.

In the women’s races, the winners were Kara Munsey, Sophia Berry, Ingrid Braun, and Mary Seaman.

For the season, the winners in their division were Malonson, Southworth, Mike Braun, Corey Denton, David Hawtrey, Liebersbach, Whiteley, Jonathan Tavenner, Ingrid Braun, and Munsey.

So what is in store for the 2015 VCs?

The big rumor on the hill has it there might be some bowling added to snow racing.