Some Suddenlink customers to have faster service this week

Mammoth is inching closer to faster broadband service, with some customers expected to have the service this week, according to Pete Abel, the vice president of corporate communications for Suddenlink.

“Digital 395 completed its work on Aug. 13 and we connected to their circuit the same day,” Abel said.

“Our engineering team tested that circuit, and per the positive results of those tests, we are in the process (Tuesday, Aug. 20) of moving local customers to the Digital 395 circuit.

“For the balance of this week, as an extra quality control measure, we will be testing our faster (15 and 30 megabits per second) speeds with a portion of customers in the area. If all goes well with those customers, we should be in position to make these faster speeds widely available next week.”

The rest of the county’s unincorporated areas will need to wait for several more weeks and possibly until the end of October when the project is expected to be fully complete.

On another Digital 395 note, Mono County Supervisor Fred Stump said Tuesday that the supervisors are asking Senator Dianne Feinstein to support the county in asking the Inyo National Forest to allow work to continue across the Crowley Lake dam in areas where there are no archeological sites.

The area is rich in Native American sites and the forest service is currently reviewing the area prior to granting the permits needed to finish the project. Stump said if construction were allowed to continue in the gaps between Native American sites, while the site issues were reviewed, there would be less work to be done when the permits are granted.

“That would allow them to tie up this project faster and still respect the concerns that the tribes have,” he said.

This section is critical to the entire project, he and other officials have said, because it builds in the kind of redundancy necessary for large customers, such as the military, to be able to rely on the quality of the service.

Stump also said the county supervisors are asking Feinstein to weigh in on an upcoming resolution in front of the California Public Utilities Commision that will fill in an approximately $12.5 million funding gap between the project’s cost and budget.

That resolution goes to the PUC in early September.

Michael Ort, the CEO for the private company building Digital 395, said even if the PUC does not award the money—which he said he fully expects will occur—the project will be completed by the end of October.