Mammoth is full of kind, caring people

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, my husband and I were visiting Minaret Vista.  

I fell and hit my head on the ledge of the flagstone step.  

I thought I was fine but after a second I realized I had a very bad gash on my scalp.  

There was a very nice lady there with her parents who went to her car and got a first aid kit.  

She packed my wound with gauze and put tape on it to hold it in place, and then she helped my husband get me to our car.  

We never got the lady’s name and would like to thank her for her kindness and efficiency in helping us.

I ended up having seven staples placed in my head but I don’t know what we would have done without the help of this nice lady.

 Thank you and it is nice to know there are still kind, caring people in the world.

Kris DiDonato

Huntersville, NC