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Long distance walker rescued in Yosemite

January 30, 2012

A man who is walking across the country to raise awareness for the need for hospice facilities met his match in snow-bound Yosemite National Park and had to be rescued by Mono County Search and Rescue team members.

On Saturday Jan. 28, the SAR team responded in aid of Colin Skinner, 46, from Walmer, England, who has been on a walk from North Dakota to San Francisco for several months in support of the National Hospice Foundation. While snowshoeing across the Sierra through Yosemite National Park, he had problems with wet clothing and frostbitten feet and contacted Yosemite rangers at their winter cabin Saturday. 

The Mono County SAR Team was dispatched on Saturday at approximately 6:00 p.m. and began planning the rescue. Two members went up S.R. 120 West with snowmobiles to scout the conditions and on Sunday morning, Jan. 29, the team drove snowmobiles to the park entrance station, where Mr. Skinner had been moved by Yosemite rangers.

SAR Team members transported Skinner down to the waiting Mono County Paramedics, who transported him to Mammoth Hospital for treatment.

Last week, Skinner had walked through Bishop and visited the local hospice there. He is currently recuperating from surgery on his frostbitten feet.


Great rescue, but...

February 1, 2012 by Adamame (not verified), 3 years 11 weeks ago
Comment: 249

I was witness to this event while spending a few days skiing in the Tuolumne area. I commend both the Yosemite winter rangers and Mono SAR for getting Colin to safety. But this article doesn't mention some of the facts. When Mono County scouted Highway 120 to Tioga Pass they decided to illegally enter Yosemite Park, which is managed as wilderness during winter, to check conditions. They drove into Tuolumne Meadows on snowmobiles waking us up at 1130pm at the TM ski hut. They turned around with out contacting the rangers or rescuing Colin and left the park never communicating the conditions with the rangers. They were supposed to meet the rangers who would transport Colin to the pass the following day, so why did the Mono SAR think it was ok to drive into Yosemite via snowmobile disturbing a serene wilderness area?

Then they brought 4 snowmobiles to Tioga pass to rescue one man. They way I calculate it hundreds of dollars of taxpayers money was foolishly thrown away, and also used to violate federal law. Bad decisions...

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