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Little girl gets valor award from Mammoth firefighters

February 3, 2012

Main: Fire Chief Brent Harper reads from the Valor award. Christopher and Rachel Babula, along with 8-year-old Hana MacLean, watch as Harper gives Hana a plaque in recognition of her “bravery and valor” for her actions during a Jan. 10 fire at their home. Inset: Members of the Mammoth Lakes Fire District line up to salute Hana for her actions during a fire at her family’s home. Photo/George Shirk


It was just about the most precious award ceremony imaginable.
Members of the Mammoth Lakes Fire District, including the top brass, presented 8-year-old Hana MacLean with an award of valor for her part in saving her family (and pets) from a fire that engulfed their home in Mammoth on Jan. 10.
“That little girl is the real hero,” said Fire Marshall Thom Heller.
“I truly believe if she hadn’t woken up and called for help, something much worse would have happened.”
Both Hana and her parents, Christopher and Rachel, were at the ceremony, which took place during last Wednesday’s Town Council meeting.
Fire Chief Brent Harper, in his dress blues, made the presentation by giving Hana the plaque.
Visitors at the Town Council meeting applauded the little girl as did Harper, Heller and the firefighters.


Substandard rental warning

February 10, 2012 by askywhy (not verified), 3 years 10 weeks ago
Comment: 254

It seems everybody is aware of a house fire that occurred recently. Thankfully, a brave eight year old saved the day by having a neighbor call the swift responding Fire Dept. and Paramedics to the scene to squelch the fast moving fireplace induced fire.

Unfortunately, the "alleged" details of this tragedy were thoughtlessly spewed forth in a letter to the editor before the ink was dry on his "official report". A rambling report which was littered with inaccuracies focusing blame on the renters (too many logs in the fireplace), and leaving out the important facts of a dangerously installed and repaired fireplace which was known to the landlords.

Renters beware...the "Good Ole' Boy" network is alive and well in Mammoth Lakes.

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