The Hot Creek Players, 1997-Present


Tracy Fuller – Town Council appointed Fuller on Nov. 11, 1996 and accepted her resignation on 12/1/99.

Stephen Julian – Town Council approved Julian’s agreement as an interim Town manager on Dec. 15, 1999.
On June 21, 2000, the council approved Julian’s agreement as the Town manager.

Charlie Long – Long was appointed as an Interim Town Manager dated On Nov. 19, 2003. He was then appointed as an assistant Town manager from May 5, 2004 through Dec. 31, 2004. Karen Johnston filled some of this, and was appointed after Set. 30, 2004, as the Deputy Town Manager. Long was then used and on an “as needed” basis until the contract expired (according to Town sources).

Robert Clark – Clark was hired on June 1. 2004. He is currently the Town’s manager.


1996: Kirk Stapp, David Watson, Kathleen Cage, John Eastman, and Byng Hunt

1998: Kathleen Cage, John Eastman, Rick Wood, and Kirk Stapp. David Watson resigned and an election in November replaced him with Berenice de La Salle

2000: Kirk Stapp, Dan Wright, John Eastman, Kathleen Cage, and Rick Wood

2002: Rick Wood, John Eastman, Tony Barrett, Dan Wright, and Kirk Stapp

2004: Kirk Stapp, Skip Harvey, Tony Barrett, John Eastman, and Rick Wood

2006: John Eastman, Neil McCarroll, Wendy Sugimura, Skip Harvey, and Kirk Stapp

2008: Skip Harvey, Jo Bacon, John Eastman, Neil McCarroll, and Wendy Sugimura

2010: Skip Harvey, Jo Bacon, John Eastman, Matthew Lehman, and Rick Wood

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