Holler good for Mammoth

Congratulations to Mammoth for stepping up and hiring a true professional manager. Now, it is time to work together, adopt your policies and step aside and allow professional management to achieve the goals the Council sets. 

If the Council can resist the temptations to micro manage and stick with establishing policies of excellent governance, Mammoth will be back on top in no time.

Some elected Boards and Councils think they can effectively manage but most have neither the experience nor education... so they back-bite, develop personality issues with fellow Council members and try to micro manage staff... be cautious of those that think they can...those without a proven track record like Dan possesses. Trust him.

 Dan is a proven leader, and will establish the right kind of win-win attitude and re-establish economic development without jeopardizing the Mammoth Treasury.

He did an excellent job as the County Manager of Douglas County Nev., where I served with him  for eight years as a County Commissioner.

I was extremely proud of Dan’s performance.

He established new and profitable projects, firmly controlled costs, developed a strong professional staff, brought in sales tax generating businesses and became a highly respected county government leader throughout Nevada.

Dr. Don Miner

Gardnerville, Nev.