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January 11th, 2013

A ‘blank slate’ in Mono County

January 11, 2013

New supervisors face challenge on first day

The last thing the three brand new Mono County supervisors who were sworn in Tuesday, Jan. 8, expected to face their first day in office was the imminent loss of the county’s top administrator.

But that is what District 3’s Tim Alpers, District 2’s Fred Stump, and District 4’s Tim Fesko got when County Administrative Officer Jim Arkens—with no advance warning to the supervisors—accepted another job as the CAO in Sutter County.

Jim Arkens to leave Mono County

January 11, 2013


Mono County Administrative Officer Jim Arkens accepted a job as the Sutter County Administrative Officer (CAO) in Yuba City on Tuesday, Jan. 8, announcing his resignation, effective Feb. 4, from Mono County in a letter the following day.

Arkens did not attend Tuesday’s Mono County Board of Supervisors meeting, where three new supervisors—Tim Alpers, Fred Stump, and Tim Fesko—were sworn in.

What's Up, Up Here? Jan. 11 - 17

January 11, 2013


Union advocacy group sues over geothermal plant project

January 11, 2013


A plan to replace an aging geothermal plant at the Casa Diablo site has been sued by a union advocacy group

Mono County’s hopes to host a brand new geothermal facility sometime in the near future might have taken a hit, after a group of renewable energy union advocates and individuals sued the county on Dec. 14 over a lesser geothermal project.

Bracing for the worst flu season in decades

January 11, 2013


‘This is not something to mess with,’ says Mono County health officer

The warning from the county’s top health official is stark.

“It’s coming, it’s inevitable, and it’s going to be a very bad season for the flu,” said Dr. Rick Johnson, the Mono County Public Health Officer. “We have already had six confirmed flu cases since the beginning of this year, and that means it’s already here.”

Mammoth Creek Inn to expand

January 11, 2013


Targets families, larger groups

Suddenly, things are beginning to sizzle along the southern section of the Old Mammoth Road neighborhood.

Once a lonesome outpost for the Cast-Off and the Southern California Edison Building, the area by the end of 2014 could have the new Rock ’n Bowl recreation center/restaurant as well as three new buildings as part of a proposed expansion by the Mammoth Creek Inn.

Mammoth Adventure Slideshow returns

January 11, 2013


Mammoth Mountaineering’s Third annual Mammoth Adventure Slideshow Series begins Tuesday, Jan. 15, with tales and photos from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by extreme telemarker and North Face athlete Kasha Rigby.

Free tax aid in Mammoth

January 11, 2013


The AARP Tax-Aide Foundation, partnered with the Mammoth Lakes Library is offering free tax help, preparation, and e-filing. 

The program assists low and middle-income taxpayers. The volunteer counselors are trained and certified through the IRS/AARP training program each year and are qualified to assist with most all of the tax issues you face.

January 8th

RAW: Flu season has arrived and it's going to be a doozy

January 8, 2013

Hot off the press, Mono County Public Health Officer Rick Johnson warns that the current flu season is imminent and shaping up to be the worst in a long time.

"It’s been a little over a month since our last Mono-Gram discussed the probability of an early and bad flu season. Well, it is now happening.

January 4th

Arkens accepts job in Sutter County

January 4, 2013

Mono County Administrator Jim Arkens accepted a job as the Sutter County Administrator on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

He sent the Times a letter of resignation (directed toward the Mono County Board of Supervisors members) on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 9.

Arkens did not attend the Jan. 8 Mono County Board of Supervisors meeting, where three new supervisors, Tim Alpers, Fred Stump and Tim Fesko were sworn in.

Watson unveils lean police plan

January 4, 2013


‘We can’t patrol the town 24 hours a day, seven days a week’

Got a noisy party going on next door? Calling the cops won’t get you very far.

Looking for that school resource officer in the hallways of Mammoth’s schools? He may be there, maybe not.

Have a late-night problem with stuff that isn’t directly related to public safety, such as vandalism or a low-level misdemeanor? It will have to wait.

Airport, Mobility commissions get the heave-ho

January 4, 2013


Council cites spotty attendance, lack of issues

Having trimmed the town staff to the bone, the Mammoth Town Council Wednesday brought the axe down on two of its citizen commissions.

Gone is the Mobility Commission, whose main task over the past two years was to help shape short- and long-range plans for such things as transit routes, pedestrian routes or, as chair Sandy Hogan once put it, “anything to do with mobility.”

New Year’s Report: Lots of people, not much mayhem

January 4, 2013


Watson happy with crowd behavior

The crowds in Mammoth over the New Year’s holiday were as big as they’ve ever been, said Police Chief Dan Watson, but on the whole the alcohol-marinated visitors behaved themselves.

“There was a lot of revelry, a lot of partying in town,” he told the Town Council Wednesday evening.

The Looney Bean’s Lela Williams is on a mission

January 4, 2013


‘Every Seventh’ project a quest of hope, compassion

Lela Williams has seen things most people could not bear and done things most people could not stand.

The co-owner of the Looney Bean said she has watched her family lose everything and flee to America with only what they could carry; she has run from gunmen, leaving her vehicle behind, disappearing into the jungle like a wraith.

What a difference a year makes

January 4, 2013


Mammoth is at about 50 percent of normal precipitation for the year

In one short month, Mammoth and the Eastern Sierra broke out of a year-long drought and landed squarely in the middle of an average winter—at least so far.

As of Jan. 2, Mammoth Pass was at about 50 percent of its average moisture for the entire winter, and at about 100 percent of the average amount of moisture it normally gets as of that date, according to Los Angeles Department of Water and Power data.

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