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Archive - Mar 27, 2013


Council eyes Mayor Lehman’s San Diego trip

March 27, 2013


Taxpayers absorb $199 expense

After years of arguing over hundred of thousands of dollars—millions, even—the Mammoth Town Council this past week dealt with a much more manageable expense item of $199.

Hennarty resigns housing post

March 27, 2013


Joins Inyo County as Deputy CAO

Pam Hennarty, who since 2004 has led the push for affordable housing in Mammoth, announced her resignation as Executive Director of Mammoth Lakes Housing, Inc, effective April 12.

Hennarty made the announcement at the March 11 MLH Board of Directors meeting, and iterated her announcement at the Mammoth Town Council meeting on Wednesday, March 20.

Crowley Lake proposes 10-year growth plan

March 27, 2013


Residents prioritize list of projects, library is number one

Crowley Lake has set the bar high for community facilities in the past several years, adding a community center, a community garden, and other facilities.

This week, the community set the bar even higher, asking permission from the county supervisors on a plan for a new library, with other projects to follow in the next 10 years.

Sequestration won’t impact monitoring of Long Valley volcanic activity

March 27, 2013


Although the United States Geological Survey (USGS) is one of the federal agencies affected by the sequestration, monitoring the Long Valley Caldera’s volcanic activity will continue uninterrupted, according to county officials.

According to Mono County Supervisor Fred Stump, even if an employee has to take a furlough day, the monitoring of the area will continue.

Mammoth Dog Teams in movie

March 27, 2013


According to Mono County Supervisor Larry Johnston, Mammoth Dog Teams will be in a movie.

Johnston, speaking Tuesday to the county supervisors, gave an update on the Dog Teams saga, noting that owner Jim Ouimet finally had a key to a place he could use on the property after a decade of wrangling over the issue.

“After I talked to him, he sent me a picture of a bunch of his dogs and an overturned dog sled and it looked to me like all the dogs were dead,” he said. “Then he told me it was for a movie shoot.”

McGee Creek residents get rude surprise from Bishop BLM

March 27, 2013



Several residents living at the little modular home settlement of McGee Creek (between Mammoth Lakes and Crowley Lake) got a rude awakening this month when the Bishop Bureau of Land Management informed them that they would have to remove all of their “backyard” activities that were illegally on BLM land.

According to the area’s county supervisor, Fred Stump, it was unclear why the residents were being asked at this time to remove evidence of their use of public lands, including in one case, a petting zoo.

Possible Memorial Day opening for Tioga Pass Road

March 27, 2013


Tioga Pass could open as soon as Memorial Day this year, according to county officials.

“We are hearing Memorial Day is a real definite possibility,” said Mono County Supervisor Byng Hunt. He said the low snow year, so far, will make the early opening more likely.

Another change could be that officials plowing the road will start later, but double down on the number of people on the road, thereby taking advantage of the melting snow.

Cuts to federal agency could affect summer visitors

March 27, 2013


A five percent cut to the federal Department of Agriculture, which oversees all national forests including the local Inyo National Forest, could affect the Inyo Forest, according to county officials.

The cut is due to the sequester enacted under Congress and means visitor safety, employee hiring, snowplowing campgrounds and other services could be affected, officials said Tuesday. 

Mono begins hunt for assessor

March 27, 2013


The office of Mono County Assessor has been vacant since mid-last year, when elected assessor Jody Henning resigned, along with her assistant assessor.

On Tuesday, the Mono County Board of Supervisors agreed to begin searching for a new assessor, but at a lower salary than Henning was at. Henning was making about $9,500 a month; the job will now be offered at between $8,500 and $9,000 a month, depending on the candidate’s experience and background.

Still no broadband service for Crowley, Swall

March 27, 2013


Broadband service promised to Crowley Lake and Swall Meadows under an agreement with Verizon has been delayed again, according to county officials.

The service, first promised at the end of January as a mitigation for Verizon violating a Scenic Highway law several years ago, was promised to some residents this week, but Mono County IT director Nate Greenberg said Tuesday the service will not be available as initially planned.

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