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Archive - May 18, 2011


Bears are out and about

May 18, 2011

Mammoth’s bears are out and about again, but that doesn’t mean they are going to go after the pizza crust in your car.

No. This time of year, Mammoth’s bears are going green.

As in veggie green, says Steve Searles, Mammoth’s own bear whisperer.

“The [bears] have been holed up all winter, and it’s been a long winter. Right now, there’s little available natural food out. But they need something to purge everything out. So, they aren’t that interested in your pizza, your burgers,” Searles said.

New species found in Yosemite National Park

May 18, 2011

Yosemite National Park is home to more than 400 species of animals,
including a number of species that qualify for listing under the Endangered
Species Act. The park provides habitat for a wide variety of wildlife due
to its undisturbed ecosystems in the Central Sierra Nevada. Wildlife
species in Yosemite range from aquatic invertebrates to large mammals.

One of the many mammals that roam Yosemite’s forests is the Pacific fisher
(Martes pennanti). The fisher, a medium-sized member of the weasel family,

Injured backcountry skier rescued from Mt Dana

May 18, 2011

On Saturday, May 14, the Mono County Sheriff volunteer Search and Rescue (SAR) Team was called out in aid of an injured backcountry skier. James McHugh, 38, of Lake Tahoe, was skiing with friends near the third pillar of Mt. Dana, a popular backcountry spring ski descent three miles northeast of Tioga Pass.

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